• Question: do you think drugs should be legal in the uk?

    Asked by deviouslildeamon to Artem, Caroline, John on 21 Jun 2012.
    • Photo: Artem Evdokimov

      Artem Evdokimov answered on 21 Jun 2012:

      No, I think that making all currently illegal drugs to be legal would be a mistake. There is just too much potential for abuse and making hard drugs available without risk makes them too accessible. Of course right now someone could get drugs on the street but there is a serious risk involved, which hopefully serves as a deterrent to people who are not already addicted. If there is no risk then the entry barrier into drug addiction is lowered.

      Now, is society dealing with addicts in the best possible way – that’s seriously debatable. We could try to do more to help them, instead of putting addicts in prison by default.

    • Photo: John Short

      John Short answered on 22 Jun 2012:

      I think that some drugs should be legal in the UK. Medical Marijuana should be legal to sufferers of chronic painful conditions, as it it has been shown in research to help reduce their pain at appropriate doses. I also think that the effects of Marijuana or weed are no worse than alcohol or smoking cigarrettes, which are both legal. Some people because of genetics etc will also be predisposed to getting addicted to alcohol, similar to Marijuana. Although Marijuana can affect those people with existing mental conditions, then you would be taking it at your own risk. The drug war against Marijuana I think has been lost, and the government could make more money or fund treatment centers by making it legal and taxing it.

      With other drugs such heroin, cocaine – those are immensely addictive and cause immense psychological and physical damage and addiction. They should never be legal.