• Question: if some one has kidney problems low blood pressure and in deep pian can scientists cure it

    Asked by jakeleeds to Artem, Caroline, John on 21 Jun 2012.
    • Photo: Artem Evdokimov

      Artem Evdokimov answered on 21 Jun 2012:

      It depends on the kind of problems that a person has – that is on the underlying cause of the symptoms. Sometimes the very same symptoms can be caused by several very different kinds of illness…

      So, since I am not a doctor, and since the question does not specify what kind of sickness is the issue – I can only guess… blood pressure problems can usually be treated and there are many good medicines that might help with that. Note that they do not ‘cure’ the issue as such, but they make patients’ life less miserable and reduce chances of death. Kidney problems can be relatively simple – it could be an infection which can be cured, or it could be something a lot more sinister (such as kidney failure associated with diabetes or cancer, etc.) and that’s a lot harder to fix – may even be impossible. Pain is the easiest to ‘fix’ in the sense that painkillers do work quite well (there are certain kinds of very bad pain that break through painkillers) but pain relief is a palliative measure (palliative meaning it just makes patient feel better, but does not really fix anything). So depending on the cause of the pain, again – it can be something curable or not.

      Overall, each patient is special and doctors have to work hard to understand the entire condition instead of breaking it down to components like I just did (only because it is easier to discuss this way). I hope you’re not referring to someone in particular or someone close to you. Good luck